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Attending online classes has become the ‘new normal’ for students!

Attending online classes everyday has become the ‘new normal’ for students during the lock down in India. As schools were shut because of the lock down to contain the spread of corona virus, online class have taken centre stage in students’ life now.

Despite the lock down, many schools have taken timely steps to continue the flow of education by holding online classes for students. Interestingly, these online classes have helped students during lock down more than ever before.

They don’t need to run to school daily. They can study and learn at the cosy ambience of their home and submit their assignments online. In online classes, there is less physical activity and more mental activity which makes students more academic oriented.

Students become more techie

Another positive effect of online education is students have become more tech-savvy. They got to know more about various apps and programs. Apart from academic learning, there is so much of technological learning happening in students during lock down. Their knowledge about computers, smartphone/mobile phone, radio and television are getting enhanced.

Relevant information at one platform

In online classroom system, students have access to all relevant information at one platform.  Teachers can easily share all useful information over the internet and keep it securely preserved in an electronic archive. It makes the process of interaction so much easy between the school, teacher and students. It also ensures that if students need further explanations, they can easily view these records and resolve doubts instantly.

Should online learning continue even after schools open?

Now given the context of online education, some parents want their children should continue e-learning even after schools open in the country. Most of the parents are not ready to send their wards to schools even if corona virus goes down in the country.

As per media reports, some parents also demand that the school syllabus be reduced to half and their wards can continue learning from home. They are interested in online classes for their children even after the pandemic is over as it is benefiting their children. In this online mode of education, children are under the double supervision of their parents and teachers. Hence they want their children to continue online education..

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